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Technological leaders in the production of integrated systems for Thermal Deburring.

Manufacturers of Thermal Deburring Machinery with exclusive SGM patent and Industrial Washing Machines for Deoxidation after Thermal Deburring.

The SGM Thermal Deburring, with horizontal deburring chamber, machine combines the deep knowledge of this finishing process with the application needs of the technology, overcoming the limits and contraindications of the old vertical axis machines.

The SGM group offers its customers the opportunity to test the results of their innovative technology, to acquire the know-how of processing and the secrets of Thermal Deburring.

SGM is today a structured company capable of responding with competence and professionalism to the needs of the varied world that requires Thermal Deburring (precision hydraulics, die casting, automotive, medical, fashion accessories ...).

The SGM Group introduces the world of Thermal Deburring, both with the supply of SGM Machinery and with the possibility of using the Third Party Service at the company of the ST srl group since 1978.


We want to offer our customers the best solutions for Thermal Deburring, in terms of Quality, Effectiveness and Production Efficiency; our machines are born from the experience and the need to obtain the best from Thermal Deburring.

The SGM New-Tem Thermal Deburring machines and industrial washing machines are designed as integrated systems to meet the production needs of customers, with highly competitive results in full respect of the environment.

Our primary goal is to satisfy the needs of customers, SGM stands out for its pre and post sales service. Our must is to find the ideal technological solution for your needs, ensuring our assistance throughout the useful life of our machines, supporting customers with solutions deriving from more than fourty years of experience in Thermal Deburring.
To this end, we offer all our customers to test for free (contact us) the effectiveness of SGM Thermal Deburring for free, to verify the real applicability of the technology.

Our innovations and cutting-edge solutions derive from the constant use and study of TEM technology, in a relationship of constant trust and collaboration with our Customers.

We improve for you and with you.

Our History


STM S.a.s. was born, specialized in "thermal deburring of metals", a practice developed in the USA and still unknown in Italy. These are the roots of a success that has been established over the years and is alive more than ever today.


SGM takes over from STM, first affirms itself as a leader in thermal deburring service for third parties, and then opens up to a new challenge: to become a manufacturer of New-Tem thermal deburring systems.


It is the year of the turning point: the New-Tem patent is filed, the only thermal deburring machine with a horizontal combustion chamber in the world.


We split in:

- SGM srl for the production of Thermal Deburring and Industrial Washing Machines

- ST srl for the deburring service on behalf of third parties with SGM exclusive technology.


The experience gained in more than 40 years of activity has made the SGM Group a solid reality able to meet the demand of the international market and to become the world reference point for those who pursue excellent results in thermal deburring.
The excellence of Made in Italy


2005 is a decisive year for SGM which, in facing the challenge of becoming a direct manufacturer, expands its internal technical office with high specialized profiles.The highest recognition of the professional and economic commitment employed in recent years converges in obtaining the patent for the new New-Tem system. The new horizontal chamber, patented, enhances and optimizes the results of Thermal Deburring, minimizing the contraindications deriving from old and outdated TEM systems.

ST s.r.l.

ST s.r.l. is the leading company in the metal deburring process and boasts forty years of experience (inaugurated in 1979 with STM s.a.s.). ST s.r.l. realizes the Thermal Deburring only with machinery produced by SGM®, according to the exclusive patent of SGM®. ST now offers an integrated process for the entire pre-treatment, thermal deburring, deoxidation and final protection cycle, with highly competitive results, in full respect of the environment. ST responds to the most demanding requests for a consolidated third party service.

Contact us to carry out the deburring tests.


New-Tem machines are CE / PED marked and also meet the standards of the North American markets (ASME / UL).

Since 1999, SGM has been certified according to the quality requirements prescribed by the European standard (ISO 9001).


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