The horizontal revolution

SGM Thermal Deburring Machine with Horizontal chamber patented - New-Tem. Why is New-Tem SGM the Best Choice?


In SGM New-Tem, the main flame is tangent and superior to the basket containing the components to be treated and does not directly affect the pieces.

This reduces the disruption of the process and greatly simplifies the positioning of the pieces.

2. Expansion of the treatable range

The flame  tangent and upper to the basket allows to expand the range of treatable parts, no longer subject to superficial burns.

3. Uniformity of results

The only contact surface between the deburring basket and the chamber are the two lower edges of the basket.

Therefore the baskets and the components contained are completely immersed in the deburring atmosphere and

all surfaces will be easily accessible by the deburring gas.

In old systems with vertical deburring chambers, the pieces rest on the chamber plate that obstructs the

direct passage of the deburring gas, not ensuring the quality and uniformity of deburring.

4. Handiness

The use of baskets with a rectangular base makes the positioning of the components easy to handle and therefore reduces overall loading and unloading times.
The possibility of using perforated aluminum plates as a base to rest the iron - cast iron - zamak - aluminum - brass components prevents micro dents.

5. Flexibility with interchangeable chambers

On the same deburring machine chambers with different lengths can be used in order to work production mixes with different dimensions.

6. Safe Ignition

An innovative system, which uses low voltage current, allows the ignition of the mixture even at low pressures.

7. Reduction of Maintenance Costs

The stroke of the chamber closing cylinder is only 20 mm (against the 150-600mm of the vertical axis deburring chambers of the old machines). Drastical reduction in the use of hydraulic oil and accentuated simplification in the construction and handling of the cylinder itself.

Reduction of maintenance costs during the useful life of the machine.

8. Simplification

By applying the basic physical-chemical principle of deburring in an innovative way, a considerable simplification of the machine has been achieved, which is compact, quick to install, easy to maintain and considerably more performing than the old machines with a vertical axis chamber.


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