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All the oxidizable materials can be processed: steel, cast iron, brass, zinc alloy, aluminum and their alloys. Approximately you can remove burrs up to 0.3 mm thick on steel and cast iron, up to 0.1 mm thickness on light alloys, brass and even stainless steel (on the SS feasibility tests must be performed).
The thermal deburring treatment ensures that there are no detachable burrs and is therefore particularly indicated for all the components in which cleaning and proper passage of fluids are essential.

The details to be treated must be free from oil and grease as these are incompatible with the process.

The process slightly tends to round off the sharp edges.

The threads are not compromised since their conical shape well discharges the heat to the base; the small burrs on the top of the threads will be however eliminated.

The hardening heat treatments must be performed after thermal deburring as the thermal shock could reduce the acquired hardness of the surface.

Some deformations can be found only on large and thin surfaces that act as “sails” during the gas ignition.

The products, which were created by our chemists and are currently used by us, also work in a simple ultrasonic bath. Washing machines and chemical products meet the industrial needs and work with all the parameters required for a universalized cycle – both for the degreasing (preparation) and for the deoxidation (post-treatment), as on ferrous materials and cast iron materials as well on aluminum. The washing machines used by SGM are equipped with rotating baskets, ultrasounds, vacuum creation, steam jets. They also have up to four liquid storage tanks and, because the products are compatible with each other, the process does not need rinses.
We have full confidence in this technology and we do not exclude the use of washing machines of other brands. We are also available for consultancy to implement our process on machines already owned by the customer.

New-Tem is already set up for that purpose and is definitely thermal deburring the machine this is most suited for an automatic handling for the following reasons:

• The ability to connect remotely to New-Tem also allows the connection to the corporate network of the customer. In addition to monitoring cycles and machine parameters, it is also possible to connect to the loading robot / manipulator allowing, effective and safe automation.

• The innovative geometry of the deburring process that New-Tem proposes, with the simultaneous increase of delicacy and effectiveness of deburring, allows to reset or otherwise reduce to a minimum the operations of fixing pieces to treat. This fact, in addition to allowing a saving in special equipment, speeds up and simplifies the programming and operations of a robot assigned to the loading and unloading of the baskets on the tray.

• With our electronic programmers, we are always available to customize the function program according to the automation specifications required by the customer.

The time of a cycle, and thus the productivity of the process, is not simply given by the time of the machine, but is its union with the time required by the operator to load/unload or place the pieces. The time of machine itself is less than a minute but it is important to point out that the new geometry facilitates the positioning of the pieces, notably reducing the manpower compared to the conventional TEM.

Any thermal deburring machine requires electric supply, compressed air, oxygen and methane for the combustion mixture. The cost of gas is insignificant, but it is the service that multiplies the cost of gas and must be agreed with the supplier. The most significant costs are related to the purchase of machine and human effort invested. The ongoing research has enabled us to offer a machine with also energy saving, provided by the adoption of an inverter for flows varations that saves up to 11 kW on the 16kW engaged. We invite you to view the product data sheet for a more precise estimation of the gas consumption.

The gases which supply the machine must maintain certain pressures. If they are not reached through the connecting line, the use of a compressor is required. The recommended temperature for the cooling water is 14°C, so the use of a chiller would avoid wastages.

Management and costs

The machines are compatible with any industrial environment and safety is obtained as in the program as well in the construction process. As the machine is powered by gas (oxygen and methane), the external storage of these gases have to be approved by the competent authority of the place as, for example, the Fire Department. Usually a certain distance is required between the storage of oxygen and that of methane but, in the case of appropriate precautions, the distance could be cancelled. Suppliers of gases are usually available to any advice on the matter.

Our deburring chambers consist of: a cylindrical central body, a fixed plate which emits the gas and then the ignition, a movable closing plate. The deburring chamber and the machine structure are designed and built with considerable safety margins and have no time limits for use. The chamber will be subject to verification every 80,000 cycles and the edges will eventually be reworked, at low cost, in case of damage. As for the fixed and movable plates , you can also restore the consumed material (seat sealing rings) with appropriate filling material. For these reasons, among the usual spare parts, we do not consider the chamber but eventually only the heads. As for the cost of our chambers (characteristic of interchangeability), including heads, prices range from € 10,000 to € 15,000 depending on the length. Anyway it’s also possible, in case, to replace only the affected parts.



The availability of the technician to diagnose and / or resolve the problem remotely is immediate. In case a direct intervention is necessary, our technician will be available within one week (depending on time needed to obtain the visa for the specific country and travel matters). Please also note that all the components are easy to find worldwide, and this fact also facilitates the repair also by the maintainers of the customer.


Our thermal deburring machine can meet the most diverse needs, ensuring excellent results and safety.

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