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All oxidizable materials are treatable: steel, cast iron, brass, zamak, aluminum and their alloys. Indicatively, burrs up to 0.3 mm thick on steel and cast iron, up to 0.1 mm thick on light alloys, brass and even stainless steel can be removed. Free feasibility tests are carried out.

The thermal deburring ensures that there are no detachable burrs and is therefore particularly suitable for all components where cleaning and correct passage of fluids must be guaranteed.

The parts to be deburred must not have oils and greases as they are incompatible with the process; furthermore, they must not have been heat treated before being subjected to thermal deburring.

The process tends to slightly round the sharp edges.

The threads are not compromised as their truncated cone shape discharges the heat at the base; however, the small burrs of the crests are eliminated.

The heat treatments for hardening are to be carried out after thermal deburring as the thermal shock could reduce the acquired surface hardness.

Possible deformations can only be found on large thin surfaces that behave like "sails" when the gas is ignited.

The products studied by our chemists and used by us even work in a simple ultrasonic tank.

Washing machines and chemical products meet industrial needs and work with all the parameters required by a standardized cycle both for degreasing (preparation) and deoxidation (post treatment), as well as on ferrous and cast iron materials, aluminium and copper alloys.

The washing machines made by SGM are equipped with all those devices necessary to obtain the maximum result from the specific industrial deoxidation process.

It is possible to use washing machines of other brands, available for consultancy to implement our process on machines already owned by the customer.

New-Tem is already set up for this purpose and is certainly the most suitable thermal deburring machine for automatic handling for the following reasons:

-            The possibility of remote connection of New-Tem also allows connection with the customer's company network and, in addition to monitoring the cycles and machine parameters, a connection with robot / manipulator to the load is of course possible, which allows easy, effective and safe automation.

-            The innovative geometry of the deburring process that New - Tem proposes, allows to reduce to a minimum the operations of fixing pieces. This fact, in addition to allowing savings in specific equipment, facilitates, speeds up and simplifies the programming and operations of any robot in charge of loading and unloading baskets on the machine tray.

Our programmers and technicians can customize the operating program according to the automation specifications requested by the customer.

The time of a cycle, and therefore the productivity of the process, is not simply given by the machine time, but is its union with the time necessary for the operator to load / unload or position the pieces. The machine time is approximately 45sec. but it is important to underline how the new geometry of the baskets considerably facilitates the positioning of the pieces, significantly reducing the overall cycle time, strongly linked to the time required by traditional vertical axis machines for positioning in cylindrical baskets that are not very practical for the work to be performed and clamping. necessary in vertical combustion machines.

A thermal deburring machine requires electricity, compressed air, oxygen and methane for the blast mixture. The cost of gas is negligible, but it is the service offered that has to be agreed with the gas supplier.

The Thermal Deburring Machine is equipped with an inverter system that allows energy consumption to be reduced up to 11 kW on the 16 kW used.

We invite you to view the product sheet for a more precise estimate of gas consumption.

To ensure the pressure conditions of the methane, if it comes from the distribution network, it needs a compressor.

For the water cooling of the chamber, it is necessary to connect the machine to the company centralized cooling system, if existing, or to connect the machine to a chiller, in order to guarantee the required 14 ° C.


All SGM systems are set up in accordance with the 4.0 standards

The machines are compatible with any industrial environment and the safety features are intrinsic both in the process program and in the construction.

Since the system is powered by gas (oxygen and methane), the external storage of these gases must be approved by the competent authority of the place such as, for example, the Fire Brigade, if required.

It is recommended to keep the cylinders used for the storage of oxygen and methane away, or to use other appropriate precautions.

Gas suppliers are available to advise on this.

Our deburring chambers are composed of: a cylindrical central body, a fixed head from which the gas and therefore the ignition comes out, a movable closing head.

The whole device is oversized and has no deadlines for use.

The chamber is subject to inspection every 80,000 cycles and the ends may possibly be reworked, at low cost, in the event of damage.

Thanks to the modular system adopted during the machine design, only the parts possibly compromised by wear can be replaced.


All our machines, wherever they have been installed, can be controlled remotely by our technicians, if connected to the internet, this allows us to intervene immediately upon request of our customers.

In any case, a team of our technicians is ready to intervene, if necessary within 24-48 hours from the request.


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