NEW-TEM: Revolutionary system.
The only TEM with horizontal deburring chamber.

The horizontal revolution

“The experience has enabled us to produce innovation by designing the first TEM with the horizontal deburring chamber. Being compact, economical and technological, New-Tem is not only a machine but a revolutionary system in service to the industry.”

Horizontality. "Why" in 8 points and more.

More care in the treatment

Although the ignition of the mixture starts, as in conventional TEM, from an external mixture block, with New-Tem the main flame is tangent and acts over the basket. In this way the flame does not hit directly the pieces. This reduces the disruptive nature of the process and greatly simplifies the positioning of the pieces.

Extension of treatable range

The tangent flame over the basket allows to expand the range of treatable pieces, no longer subject to superficial burns.

Results uniformity

The baskets are completely surrounded by the deburring atmosphere avoiding the presence of protected areas. The process gases act therefore also from below, unlike traditional vertical deburring chambers, where the pieces are positioned on a plate without a direct contact with the gas in the lower part.


The rectangular and not more cylindrical shape of baskets, containing the pieces, facilitates the insertion in to the chamber and reduces the time for the manual positioning of the pieces.

It’s also possible to position pieces in iron, cast iron, zinc alloy, aluminum, brass, etc. on perforated aluminum plates, in order to avoid minimal dents.

Interchangeability of chambers = flexibility

An easy interchangeability of deburring chambers of different lengths gives the possibility of production changes. A single machine therefore allows to treat at best particulars of different sizes.

Safe ignition

Use of low voltage current for the ignition of the mixture with an innovative system that allows an easy ignition even at low pressures.


Stoke of the chamber locking cylinder has been remarkably reduced: only 20 mm (compared to 150-600mm equivalent to the height of the deburring chambers in traditional machines). The use of hydraulic oil is drastically reduced and the construction and handling of the cylinder itself is simplified.

Cost reduction

A complex technology has been applied differently and has been obtained a considerable simplification of the machine.
In this way the machine is extremely compact and the result is a significant costs reduction of installation, maintenance and support.

Other features

Consuption control and respect for environment

The simplification of the process has led to major control of energetic and hydraulic consumption, recording a net reduction and savings in terms of usability and disposability.
Thanks to the innovative Exhaust System (optional) the fumes are no longer dispersed in the chamber zone and further in the atmosphere, but channeled into a special container.

High technological
remote control

The electronics applied to New-Tem allows a screen diagnostic with the history of anomalies. This makes easier any recovery intervention and simplifies the implementation of any servo robot for loading and unloading of the machine.

Components availability

The components used, either hydraulic or electronic, are readily available as they are produced by worldwide leading companies.

Electrical/Electronic: Omron , Siemens, Murr
Sensors: Schneider electric, Sick, Pizzato, Balluff, Dräger
Hydraulic parts: Vickers-Eaton, Danfoss-Comatrol


The machine New-Tem is subjected to CE / PED certification applicable to it by a proper notified body, and is ready to comply with North American regulations like ASME. The system can be easily integrated into any industrial environment, provided in compliance with the minimum and maximum temperatures for the electronics (from +4° C to +32° C).

Thanks to the vanguard of New -Tem we can offer a great opportunity to industrial sector, which always knows how to recognize the beneficial outcomes of innovation and progress.

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